About Ephemeral Philosophy

Ephemeral Philosopher is a blog focused on sharing lessons, guidelines, and advice useful to Information Technology professionals, IT service managers, and software product managers.

About the Author

tony mainePrior to retiring, Tony Navarrete was a thought leader in IT business management strategies. Tony brings a unique combination of in-depth commercial product management expertise as well as real-world IT experience to product management and service definition. He has more than 21 years of experience in IT and has held director positions in several IT areas, including customer support, networking, and the CIO’s office. Tony spent his last four working years as Assistant Director for Product and Service Management at Stanford University Libraries, where he established and oversaw product and IT Service best practices, roll-out and service cost models for various digital library services such as digitization, digital preservation, web archiving, and access systems.

Tony’s work experience spans large, complex IT organizations such as Stanford University as well as small, fast-paced start-ups, global software companies, and the venture capital industry.

Tony is also the co-author of the blog Itinerant Philosopher (Periodic thoughts of ephemeral value from the bike lane) which documents a major lifestyle change his wife and he chose, including the challenges of giving up most of their possessions (including the dog) and periodic insights about traveling the world full-time, much of it from the bike lane.

Contacting Tony

You can reach Tony at “tonyn @ alumni.stanford.edu” or you can check out his LinkedIn profile to see more details about his career and experience.

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